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We have 2 factories with large production capacity and stable labor force
We have professional factory and stable production capacity
Yongxusheng has two factories, one in Nantong and one in Shenzhen, current production capacity is 50,000 pieces per month. We have a team of 400 workers, high calibre professionals from 60 to 25 years old, a good balance of experienced leaders and energetic workers. We have stable labour force; customer can rely on our quality and delivery.
We have global vision and able to cope with rapid market change
We have global vision and serve international customers well
We have global vision and are able to serve
international customers to fulfill their needs.
We can cope with rapid market change,
new trend and innovative idea.
We accept customized order less than 10 pieces in various sizes
We have 20 years of experience in producing small orders with our Japanese buyers. We don't set minimum. We can make customized order with less than 10 pieces in various size.
30 years of manufacturing and
work seamlessly with business partners
We have rich experience for over 30 years
Yongxusheng has 30 years of history in manufacturing and export trading experience. We worked with Japanese customers over 20 years, USA and European buyers over 15 years.We worked seamlessly together with our business partners.
We can handle all fashion products in
one collection, both woven and knit
We can work on all fashion products including evening dress, day dress, tops, trousers, formal blazer, jacket and outerwear. We can make the combination of woven and knit to complete one collection. We have obtained a number of patents in design, equipment and technology.
We are the specialist in placement
cut for print, lace and embellishment
We are the specialist in placement cut for engineer print and lace pattern. We are experienced in hand cut scallop lace and embroidery panels, so each piece of cut panels will be in perfect match. We can handle fully beaded and embellished fabric. We have technique for cutting and sewing an elevated gown.
We are expert in combining woven
and knit with well equip facilities
Our factory has facilities and sewing machines for both woven and knit, we are expertise in combining woven to knit and sweater to make a fashion combo.
We are good in development with
large data base of patterns and samples
We are not only a manufacturer but a vendor which is devoted to development. We start from fabric source to pattern and complete the fitting to satisfaction. We have large data base with patterns, samples and fabric library. You can rely on us from development to production.
Our factory is streamlined with
computerized machine and innovative facility
We have technique for cutting and sewing an elevated gown
Production line is equipped with computerized machines for sewing, sleeve setting, welt pocket opening and automatic template sewing. We use PAD Pattern & Marker software connected with PGM Automatic Cutting Machine for pattern making, grading and cutting. We link up innovative facilities with ERP management system to optimize each process seamlessly.
We can handle all kinds of fabric and
familiar with draping and sewing
We can handle all kinds of fabric
Our technicians understand characteristic of fabrication, we can handle all kinds of materials, lace, chiffon, shirting, suiting, faux leather, light and heavy weight, soft and hard fabric. We are familiar with fabric features, know how to drape and make a nice pleating.
We can handle imported fabric and
take 100% inspectin and quality control
We will take 100% inspection for all fabrics under 4-point system. We will check shade bands of each roll under light box and send fabric rolls to pre-shrunk before cutting. When it comes to cutting, consider fabric shading, placement print, stripe and plaid matching, we will check each panel and mark it with serial number.
We guarantee A Grade quality
We guarantee A Grade quality
All of our products are well made with unique design and perfect fit.
We guarantee on time delivery
We guarantee on time delivery
Our factory have stable and skilled workforce ensure productivity for speed-to-market services to meet customer needs. In 2014, before Chinese New Year, we help customer to rush 20,000pcs evening dresses in 10 styles within one month.





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