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Fabric inspection machine
This inspection machine can operate loose fabric and fabric in roll, with various fabric inlet and outlet options for woven and knit. It is fast and easy to handle, requiring one operator only. With no compromise on quality, we insist to take 100% fabric inspection under 4-point system. 
Fabric inspection machine
Fabric Shrinking Machine
Fabric shrinking machine is used for all fabrics for pre-shrunk. This process guarantees a final dimensional stability near to zero for measurement controls. In addition to shrink-proof results, fabrics will acquire a nice finishing with no puckering and bubbling at seams.
Fabric shrinking machine
3.5m x 2m fabric fusing machine
3.5m x 2m fusing machine is used for block fusing full width fabric before cutting. The fused components are precise in shape and performed to create strength and stability of the garment. Besides, it can help to reduce shrinkage, bubbling and fabric distortions.
3.5m x 2m fabric fusing machine
Italy PGM automatic cutting machine
PGM automatic cutting unit is connected to PAD software, save time in plotting maker. It can start cut by pressing one button. The detection device regulates the knife pressure automatically, keep stable platform and perfect cutting. It makes all cutter parameters setting fast and safe.
Italy PGM automatic cutting machine
Sewing Template Machine
Customize template base on material and assembly pattern, then output pattern file to laser cut machine. Plastic template can be used with Computer Template Sewing Machine for automatic sewing or use with single needle machine as a sewing guide.
Sewing template machine
computer automatic template sewing machine
Template sewing machine has automatic processes. It copes well with delicate fabric or thick layers with accurate tension control.  Fabric is stabilized in template with no easing and no slipping. It helps to maintain consistent workmanship and improve productivity.
Computer automatic template sewing machine
Metal needles inspecting machine
Needle detector machine can detect needle and any foreign metal object. Metal detection is an essential quality assurance for product safety. It minimizes risk of injury from a broken needle embedded in garment.  We will scan all garments through detector before packing.
Needle detector machine
Canada PAD Pattern & Marker Design Software System
PAD possesses incredible speed in pattern processing, alterations, grading and marker. It can handle complicated nesting requirement. It allows quick, accurate fabric utilization. It transmits marker to PGM auto cutter which greatly boosts productivity.
Canada PAD pattern & marker design software system
ERP system
With ERP system, we share database that supports multiple functions. It enables to track the data connected to workflows and business processes. In practice, we input fabric and trims information to the system. All staffs can rely on ERP for their specific needs.
ERP system





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