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Cutting is like writing calligraph, sewing is like playing the piano.
The good tailor knows not only making a dress but also winning a heart.
Father's influence
part 1
The road of learning
part 2
The road to success
part 3
Elevated factory with the latest technology
part 4
Reason of success
part 5
Mission and Vision
part 6
Mr. Zhang, the founder of Yongxusheng Garment Co. Ltd., his career can be traced back to his childhood. His father is a tailor, so he started learning tailoring in his teens. His father is capable with good craftsmanship, who worked fast, agile and accurate. He always set his daily goal and completed his task. He is a decent man with dignity and principle. Mr. Zhang is greatly influenced by his father's work attitude.
When Mr. Zhang was 18 years old, he joined a sizable garment factory. He gave up his studying because he believed manufacturing industry will be booming in the era of economic reform in China. In 1987, he was selected by the company to join a 3-year course in college. He studied history of clothing, body structure, 3-dimensional cutting…. Then Mr. Zhang joined the Government-owned import and export trading company in Shenzhen for 14 years. He was the leader of garment department, business expanded rapidly in 1990’s. He made a massive profit 6 to 7 million in 2004 and the net profit is increased constantly from years to years. His department became the benchmark of the other 11 departments.

From 1981 to 2005, Mr. Zhang has been working in garment industry for 24 years.  Since China joined WTO in 2001, it boosted exports and shaped global trade. It established new trading hubs on transportation, manufacturing, import and export.  Mr. Zhang is experienced in foreign trade and know how to enhance business with taxation privilege in domestic materials and trade settlement. His business is booming with rapid growth. In addition to the expansion in Shenzhen, he also invested in Nantong factory.  In 2004, he bought 35,000 square meters of land and finished three buildings with total 15,000 square meters for production operation in 2005.

In 2005, Mr. Zhang invested in lots of import machines, such as Juki automatic sewing machines, computer sleeve setting machines and welt pocket opening machine to improve production accuracy and efficiency. He also brought in Italy PGM automatic cutting system and upgrade pattern software to PAD Pattern Design and Marker Design.  Though garment manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry, Mr. Zhang has turned factory into a modern set up with advanced equipment. He aims to elevated factory facilities and software get prepared for AI technology.

Mr. Zhang believed the biggest advantage of Yongxusheng is “Devotion”.  As a boss, he is devoted to factory equipment. He invested USD 700,00 to purchase auto cutting system supporting facility.  At the same time, he has a team of devoted staffs. They are high caliber with good personality. They have been worked in factory for 15 to 30 years, being a stable labor force of the company.  Besides, factory is devoted to quality. Mr. Zhang understands good quality is important for all products.  He executes very strict quality control, strives for 100% A-grade quality. 

Mr. Zhang’s motto is “Take pleasure in what you did, enjoy to work in garment industry.”

His vision of future is information industry and technology.  His mission is to keep up with times and get use to new business model, seamlessly connect to global in production aspect, from original design to finished products, from marketing to ecommerce.  He believes the feature of information industry penetrates into and integrates with traditional industries by means of information technology and service. His team can rely on the massive data come together to create, manage, and deliver information.  At the same time, Mr. Zhang is well prepared the arrival of robots, replacing most process in workshop. This robotic system is aim to provide a stable supply chain for international market.





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