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What AI cannot do for you – To determine the quality of the fashion products

What AI cannot do for you – To determine the quality of the fashion products

2023.11.06 by Joanny

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There are several fashion Apps will help you create a versatile wardrobe, get help matching clothes, can also help you plan your outfits or your shopping list. AI based on what the users have liked in the past, it uses predictive modelling to personalize suggestions. It can help you create your own unique style and find the best match for you. However, AI cannot determine the quality and fit of the fashion products that they suggested for you fining online.  Whether you are a fashionista, an influencer, or a designer of start-up business, or plan to open on-line shop for your fashion selection, knowing the technique to define premium clothing is critical for the hacks of success.

Here are some steps to help you to Determine the Quality of a Garment

Exquisite craftsmanship:

The quality of a great products depends significantly on how the individual fabric pieces are sewing together. It showcases meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, resulting in flawless stitching and seam finishes. It should have a well-balanced silhouette, with seams and darts placed correctly.

Finely tailored:

The garment boasts precise tailoring, offering a flattering fit and enhancing the wearer’s body shape. A well-cut design, will highlight your strengths, and make your weaknesses advantageous and hide your body imperfection. Finely tailored product will fit well on your body and even able to improve your posture and allows comfortable movement.

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Premium materials:

It is made from high-quality fabrics and materials that are both durable and comfortable to wear. Check for noticeable wear such as pilling, stretch-ability and recovery. Feel the material between your fingers whether it is statics free, simply blow the fabric to check if it is breathable. When it has a smooth, soft, and luxurious texture that feels great against the skin.

The tags can also tell you a lot about garment's quality. When the label is clearly printed with all fabric details and washing instructions, proved it is a premium brand care about fabric quality and the handling of garment. When it is made of 100% natural fibres – like cotton, silk, linen and wool, are of higher quality and will last longer. But recently man-made fibre and synthetic fabric – like polyester, viscose, rayon, acetate are elevated in all aspects from hand feel, drape and design, which achieve the same or even higher expectation than natural fibres, and being well-accepted buy all fashion-lovers.

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Appropriate lining:

Lining is the layer which actually touch your skin. It should be soft, smooth, pliable, breathable and static-free, so the finished garment can slip over the body easily.  It is usually in a lighter weight than the garment fabric and may have a little stretch will add an extra layer of comfort.

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The construction of the garment is sturdy and well-balanced, ensuring it retains its shape and withstands regular wear and washing. If the garment has linings, it should be tightly attached, free from puckering, and not visible from the outside. Good and thoughtful construction will contribute to the overall structure and durability of the garment.

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Examine the finishing of the garment. A well-made garment will have clean-finished edges, hems, and cuffs. These should be neatly folded, secured, and free from raw edges. The fine finishing ensures there are no loose threads or uneven edges, indicating a fine quality and durable garment.


Inspect the seams both inside and outside the garment. A good workmanship garment will have straight, evenly spaced, and properly secured seams. It should have a neat and finished appearance without any loose or frayed threads. Seam finish should be neat and no skipped stitches. You can pull aside to check the seam strength and any fabric slippage.

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Examine the stitching on the garment. High-quality garments generally have high density, even and tight stitching. Look for consistent stitch lengths and no skipped stitches. The thread used should be strong and match the fabric color.

Design details:

From hidden stitching to perfectly aligned patterns or prints, the garment showcases the level of attention to detail that enhances its overall aesthetic appeal and quality standard. Also pay attention to any design details, such as pockets, buttons, zippers, or embellishments. Check if they are properly aligned, securely attached, and function smoothly.

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Reinforced components:

The buttons, zippers, and other fastenings are securely attached and well-reinforced, ensuring longevity and ease of use. Among all garment trims, high quality zippers is crucial and need to pay attention. Zipper is the fastening for the outfit opening. If it falls apart, you cannot replace it by your own and the whole outfit will become a waste. You may not recognize excellent zippers with your naked eyes alone, but you can spot the brand of zipper it used. When it is stamped with YKK, it is proved to use dependable zipper.  There may have brands using other zipper brand, you can check followings:

Zipper teeth - the teeth’s surface should be smooth and soft. The smoother it is, the easier the slider will be able to move along it.

Zipper Tape - The reinforcement tape should be in good match color, sturdy enough not to break when stretched or pulled on. It should fit the band snugly.

Slider - The slider’s brace should be able to move along the slider freely, it is firmly fastened and won’t fall off the tape.

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Overall comfort:

The garment is not only visually appealing but also feels comfortable to wear, with attention given to aspects such as fit, fabric breathability, stretch-ability and freedom of movement.

The price of a garment is not always an indicator of its quality. Expensive clothes will not guarantee good quality but moderate low-price products will always disappointed in quality in fit.  It is essential to evaluate the craftsmanship and ensure it meets your expectations before making a purchase.

When you found it difficult to judge the quality by seeing the images, you can research the brand or manufacturer’s reputation for producing high-quality garments. Read customer reviews or seek recommendations to assess their craftsmanship and reliability.  When you find a brand that their products satisfy our expectations and fit your body shape, suggest you should have brand loyalty and keep purchase with the same brand. You will never go wrong even you don’t have time to evaluating the quality of a garment.

JJ Party https://jjpartyfashion.com/  is the brand that guarantee A grade quality. All of our products are well-made with unique design and perfect fit.

We will take 100% inspection for all fabrics under 4-point system. Checking shade bands of each roll under light box and send fabric rolls to pre-shrunk before cutting.  When it comes to cutting, consider fabric shading, placement print, stripe and plaid matching, we will check each panel and mark it with serial number. Some panels will send to fusing machine. Supervisor will set proper temperature and pressure on the machine. We will further inspect each panel to ensure they are fused in consistent quality.  After sewing and pressing, we will have a final check in QC department.  Experienced QC will check garment one by one, from outside to inside of garment. We will check fabric condition, workmanship, measurement and garment finishing such as button and zipper reinforcement.  We always put quality as our number one mission and ensure all of our products are well-made.

Please visit our website https://jjpartyfashion.com/ to order 1 piece to review our fabric, fit and workmanship in person. Our product will speak for our factory. We have confidence that once you received our sample, you will be really impressed!  





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