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United In Fighting Against Coronavirus - Infection Prevention And Control Measures


Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we set up committee to inspect work resumption arrangements, as well as the implementation of infection prevention and control measures. We sterilize public spaces, production areas, company dormitories and canteen daily, doing mandatory temperature checks for individuals entering or leaving, keeping sufficient stock of medical supply and promoting information about infection prevention.  Factory has strictly monitored the entry and exit of workers. On the first day of work resumption, workers had to go through mandatory steps such as checking of face masks, health code and body temperature, and identity verification.  In order to alleviate congestion at the entrances, the company set up three body temperature check points. One is outside the building for the first scan. The second is located at the office main entrance.  The third check point is set at the separate entrance of production workshop. Volunteers at each check point guided the traffic diversion and carried out the procedures of checking and registration. They secure the frontline of infection control and workers’ safety and health with strong commitment.  Knowing that the outbreak has not ended. In the coming days, we will continue to do its best to implement infection prevention and control measures, improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention, and prepare the necessary conditions for safe resumption of work. We will strive to provide a safe working environment for all employees.





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