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Congratulations to Mr. Zhu, Production Supervisor on his election as the Committee of Changzhou Federation of Trade union

News-Committee of Changzhou Community 2

Guangming District and Changzhen Community Trade Union held the third general election meeting of the Committee in accordance with the "Trade Union Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Articles of the Chinese Trade Union". On the afternoon of April 26, the general election meeting was held in the conference room of the Changzhen She Qu Dang Qun Fu Wu Zhong Xin. Representatives of various industries and enterprises attended the meeting. According to the requirements, after an orderly meeting agenda, The chairman and representative members of the grassroots trade union in the New Community Federation committee were elected. Subsequently, the first committee meeting of the third Federation of Trade Unions was then held, and a new union chairman, vice chairman and committee members were elected. Congratulations to Mr. Zhu Zhenghua, Production Supervisor of Yongxusheng Garment (Nantong) Co., Ltd. for being elected as a member of the committee of Third Committee of Changzhou Community Federation of Trade unions. Mr. Zhu Zhenghua will, in accordance with the requirements of the superiors and uphold the spirit of the previous Federation of trade unions, continue to earnestly perform the various social functions of the trade union, give full play to the role of the trade union, innovate the work of the trade union, and better serve the workers and the community.





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