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Award and achievement - Jiangsu Science and Technology Award 2020

Jiangsu Science and Technology Award

YongXuSheng Garment (Nantong) Company Ltd. has been recognized with the Jiangsu Science and Technology Award of Jiangsu Textile Engineering Society for the successful Sol-gel Process on Multi-function crease resistant finish of cotton fabric. The award acknowledges Mr. Zhang, founder of YongXuSheng who has contributed to new discoveries, methodologies or innovative solutions that apply to real-life issues. The work is a collaborative effort of YongXuSheng Garment (Nantong) Company Ltd., Jiangsu College of Engineering and Technology and Jiangsu Dingxin Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. The award demonstrates the significance of the sol-gel process which has advanced technologies for anti-crinkle treatment on cotton fabric, as well as the commercialization of its core technology in the textile and apparel industry.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out in the report "Strategic Research on Promoting the Construction of a Manufacturing Power towards 2035": The five industries including textiles have reached the world's advanced level as a whole. Jiangsu is a well-known textile province. The enthusiasm of the vast number of textile science and technology professionals in the province is unprecedented. Corporates and individuals actively participate on various areas of advanced textile technologies and their applications. Their research work has led to discoveries, inventions and developments.

Jiangsu Science and Technology Award aims to recognize excellence in technology and intellectual property as well as its contribution to the textile and apparel industry.  The goal is to promote a broader appreciation of technology adoption and development and to enhance the competitiveness of Jiangsu Province.





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