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2021 Jiangsu Export Online Fair (Brazil Textiles)

2021 Jiangsu Export Online Fair Brazil textile (2)

2021 Jiangsu Export Online Fair (Brazil- Textiles) integrates the Online Exhibition Platform of Matchup Expo, organized by United Asia International Exhibition Group. It cooperated with Brazilian Industrial Associations, provides channel and resources for business matching, introducing of video negotiation, big data, AI application. The new concept of "Special Virtual Business Talk + 365 Days” support digital solutions for manufactures and importers. The new mode of combination of online and offline provides participants with business opportunities in 24 hours x 365 days to expand the Brazilian market.  We will have real-time conversations with using text, audio, and video chat. Our representatives are present online in the Matchup Expo, ready to explain our products and service to all visitors.  We will connect customers to shop through products and services without travelling. Replicate the feel of a physical event and guide attendees through a captivating, rewarding online experience.





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